Good news my dear fans, Angry Grandpa DVD is on it’s way to release very soon! An official release date is not yet been announced, but it will be stated soon.

For those who don’t know Angry Grandpa, he is one of the greatest stars on the internet today. His outrageous videos full of pranks, laughs, and hot-headed action that took the online video industry by storm. The videos have been watched and loved all around the world, from the hilarious Heavy Metal Wake Up prank to the disturbing first part of Self Toenail Surgery. The videos were so controversial, that it was banned from YouTube! However, some content had been a  nationwide success in the United States. Angry Grandpa had featured in TruTV (Previously Court TV), and MTV.

Brookhill Productions proudly announced that there will be an Angry Grandpa DVD on release soon. The DVD contains never before seen footage, and it is more outrageous than ever! Unscripted, unrated, and uncensored, and uncut!

The Blu-ray edition will be released within one month after the official DVD release.

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